Car Servicing – independent or main dealer?

There are many reasons why your car might need a service. Perhaps the winter weather is closing in and you want your car to be fully prepared. Maybe it’s not functioning quite to the standards you are used to. Or it just might be because you’ve driven an expected quota of miles. Whatever the reason, having a car serviced will ensure your vehicle is running to its optimum potential.

So when the time comes, where should you take your car for servicing? Is it wise to take it to the franchise dealer, or is it just as easy and perhaps cheaper to go to an independent operator? Here are some of the reasons why a franchised dealer is your best option.


You might assume that taking your vehicle to a franchised dealer might set you back more money than going to an independent servicer. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, as you might just be entitled to some excellent savings.

For example, when taking your car to a franchised BMW car service centre the professionals will use the car’s registration and mileage data to see if there is a service package available on your BMW. If there is, it might mean that some services that are essential for the smooth running and safety of your vehicle can actually be given for free. It’s definitely something you should not miss out on.

Expert knowledge

Will anyone know more about your vehicle than the franchise that sells it? If you own a BMW, surely there is no one better organisation to give it a check and a service then the professionals at an actual BMW car service centre?

Taking your vehicle straight to the experts will ensure that not only are problems identified quickly, but also they are remedied in the most efficient and trouble-free way possible. Then, before you know it, you’ll be back on the road in a car that feels almost like new.

Furthermore, a BMW service centre might be able to recommend certain things that will help keep the car in tip-top condition. With colder and icier weather approaching, for example, the experts might suggest you invest in winter tyres (specific to your model) to handle the slippery roads more effectively. They should give you hints and tips to keep it in prime condition, such as giving the air-conditioning a blast in the winter months to ensure it doesn’t suffer any damage before you use it in the summer.

Peace of mind

At a franchised dealer, you know your car is in good hands. The person providing your service has probably handled a number of similar cars in the past and has a thorough understanding of what it does and doesn’t need.

Furthermore, if there are any further problems during the service, the franchised dealer is sure to look after you as a loyal customer, providing a courtesy model if necessary and keeping you updated as regularly as possible about the status of your vehicle.

If the car needs replacement parts, you can be sure the servicer at a franchised dealer will use only those approved by the manufacturer, offering a guarantee for the safety and quality of the intricate and potentially expensive engineering and systems that are found under the bonnet and throughout the vehicle.

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