March 2016 Reg Plates

March marks the month of the new 2016 reg plate release, and with this in mind West Way Nissan have created this new 2016 reg plate infographic to welcome the new number release.

Now and September are the best times of the year to purchase a new car and order one of the top contending number plates. Twice a year, new registration plate variations are made available to the public, and with each plate change comes new words that can be created. This year’s contenders include MAI6 NUM, DR16 GON and LE16 END. So if you fancy having a name, something hilarious or something you love on your new number plate, find some inspiration in this infographic.

New plate changes can also bring a wave of inappropriate registration plates, and this year we saw the DVLA ban the variations such as B16 BUT and OR16 ASM. The DVLA takes great care in making sure that no inappropriate plates are made available to the public so if you’re thinking about purchasing a rude number plate you’ll have to come up with one that will be DVLA approved!

In this infographic, you will also find some familiar celebrity number plates! Can you guess who these belong too?

  • H4IR DO
  • COM IC

As well as celebs having some recognisable number plates, many rich also like to spalsh the cash on a fancy number plate. The UK’s most expensive number plate is F1 which today is worth £10,000,000! Next in place is ‘1 D’ costing £350,000, followed by ‘VIP I’ worth £285,000 and ‘CEO I’ worth £154,100.

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