Buying a Used Car Checklist

Buying a Used Car – What you Need to Check

According to the latest figures by the Citizens Advice Service, there are more complaints about used cars than any other purchase in the UK.

With a car being such an important purchase it’s essential to avoid the common risks and pitfalls that can come with buying a new car.

As a used car is the most affordable way to get on the road – especially if you have limited funds, or it’s your very first car, it can be the ticket to freedom.

Of course many of us are not as car savvy as we should be, so this infographic illustrates a complete check list of the areas we should test before handing over our money.

Aside from the inspecting the aesthetics, examining the documents and giving it a test drive, there are steps you should take prior to walking on the forecourt before you begin negotiations with the sales man.

Know Your Budget

Paying for a car is just the first step, as there are many costs involved with the day-to-day running and maintenance of cars that can soon add up.

Ensure you’re ready for these costs by estimating what your potential new car is going to cost you. By looking at comparison websites you’ll be able to determine the price of your insurance, and using the details you have on the car you’ll also be able to find out how much the tax will be.

Don’t forget to also look around at the costs of MOT’s and regular services which will keep your car ticking over.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve found your potential new car don’t be too eager to jump straight on the phone to book a viewing. Have a look around at other dealers and websites to ensure the price you’re going to pay is worth it.

Not only will you find an overview of the price, but you will also find reviews on the make and model of the car and find out if you can expect any faults a few years down the line.

If any issues arise in your research discuss these with the car dealer to find out if the vehicle has already gone through this, or whether you’ll be paying out for this problem in the future.

Take Your Time

Although it’s an exciting time, try not to get caught up in the moment when checking your car.

Rushing the viewing process may leave you dissatisfied when you come across any problems. So check the car during daylight so you can get a good view of the aesthetics, and at a time that suits you so that you’re not rushing the check list.

Take notes from the infographic below or even save the image to your phone so that when you go to visit your new car you can check it with confidence.


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