The cost of supercar ownership

Imagine that you’ve won the lottery.  What’s the first thing that you are going to do?  OK, once you’ve drunk the champagne, booked the holiday and paid off the mortgage?  For a lot of lotto win dreamers, heading straight down the local Ferrari or Lamborghini garage is high on the list.  But, if you do decide to buy a supercar, what is it like to own a supercar and, beyond the purchase price, what does it cost to own one?

Supercar rental company, Premiere Velocity have looked at their fleet of supercars and retail price of many of their most popular models and calculated the cost of owning a dream car like a McLaren, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati.

The rate of depreciation is one of the things that many owners don’t account for.  Supercars depreciate by around 30% in their first year and many of the owners don’t drive them often as a result – after all, if you want to keep the value in a car then you keep the mileage low.  They’ve also looked at what happens if some lovely person decides to vandalise your car? Maybe someone crashes a supermarket trolley in to your car, or even knocks a wing mirror off?

It’s a fascinating view in to what it actually costs to own a supercar and some of the pit-falls that come with owning a car like this.

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