Getting the best insurance deal

Making sure you get the best possible insurance deal

When people talk about the cost of a vehicle, they usually only mean how much it is to purchase. However, this can often only be a fraction of what you’ll up spending on a car in the long run.

One such additional cost is insurance. Finding a good insurance deal can be tricky but is by no means impossible. Unfortunately, a lot of your success will depend on factors that aren’t that easy to change, such as the model of car you drive and whether you have ever had an accident. However, there are also a number of things that are easier to alter and can help cut insurance costs.

Mercedes Smart car has low insurance rates

Drive the right car

Though this is difficult to change if you’re happy with your vehicle, if you happen to be a first time buyer or are looking to purchase a different car, it is well worth considering which vehicles are cheaper to insure.

Make sure you explore every option in the search for a good insurance deal. For instance, would a Mercedes smart car be cheaper to insure? If so, is this the best option for you?

Shop around

There are now a number of price comparison websites that deal exclusively with car insurance, making it easier than ever to compare deals. However, while it’s important that you utilise such sites, don’t rely exclusively on them as not every company signs up to them. Don’t automatically renew your insurance with the same company when your current policy expires. Shop around and negotiate, you may find that you get a much better deal.

Get your information right

When it comes to providing information to an insurance company, make sure that you have everything absolutely correct. Don’t make up or guess your mileage as you may end up giving information that leads to you paying more. If you need to work out a predicted annual mileage, measure it over an average week and just multiply it by 52. Remember that any false information provided to your insurers could result in your policy being invalidated.

Improve security

Finally, a great way to lower your insurance premiums and increase piece of mind is by increasing the security in and around your car. If you fit a new alarm or immobiliser, make sure they are approved by your insurer. If you have a garage, make sure you use it to store your vehicle overnight so that it is safe from harm.

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