Insuring a hybrid car

The cost of going green – Insuring a hybrid car

We are all aware of the problems affecting the current climate. Environmental issues have been a hot topic for decades but the last ten years have seen a sharp increase in promoting ‘eco-friendly’ movement and in reducing our carbon footprint. Endless amounts of research have pointed towards a global warming scenario with possibly destructive results and the need for reducing fuel consumption has never been greater than it is today.

Honda Insight

The automotive industry has come under a lot of pressure from environmental groups as fuel guzzling cars have been labelled a prime suspect in the sudden increase of carbon monoxide which has contributed to the global warming crisis. In an effort to combat this issue and progress to the next stage of automotive evolution, the Honda Insight was introduced to the market in 1999 as the first carbon neutral hybrid car.

Hybrid cars combine two or more power sources to power the vehicle, effectively reducing fuel consumption by supplementing the motor engine with an electric or renewable gas engine. They have been gaining popularity recently although a full transition from regular fuel consuming cars to a more eco-friendly hybrid seems to be a long way away  as drivers are still hesitant to make the change. With the rising costs of fuel however, it may not be long before drivers consider the savings they could make in fuel consumption as well as the obvious benefits to the environment.

But can hybrids save money elsewhere? What about insurance?

One of the main concerns amongst drivers is that hybrids are a lot less safe as they are made of lightweight materials which have been designed to make the car easier to run on electric power. This has people worrying that hybrids may be easier damaged than normal cars, increasing insurance premiums as well.

Recent tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) however have found that hybrid cars are no more fragile than regular fuel only cars. Yet insurance premiums on hybrid cars are still more excessive than larger, fuel consuming motors.

The main reason behind this has nothing to do with the fact it is a hybrid, and much more to do with that fact that most hybrids are small vehicles. Smaller vehicles have always had a propensity to have higher insurance as they are more easily damaged and involved in more road accidents. As well as size, hybrid cars also pack in a lot more technology than average cars as they need specific components for running hybrid engines. This not only bumps up the cost of the vehicle but also the insurance premiums as they cost more time and money to repair.

If you are buying a hybrid purely for money saving reasons then it is important to research thoroughly and weigh up the costs as well as the savings. For the best deal on hybrid car insurance you can check out a price comparison website such as for a comprehensive overview of all the latest and most up to date insurance deals.

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