Simple tricks to keep your car fighting fit

You should treat the health of your car in the same way you treat your own health. Ensure you keep up with routine rituals, find faults early and, generally, just treat it with respect. You ignore your health at your peril. If you neglect your car, the result may not be quite as bad but you could end up with crippling repair costs. Carspring was keen to share their advice with us at The Drive on simple ways to keep your car out of the garage.


Keep it serviced.

If you take a look in your car owner’s manual, you’ll see that it recommends services at specific intervals. Take heed. Although servicing your car can sometimes feel like an unnecessary waste of time and money, it’s likely to save you loads on repair costs in the long run. Simple, but effective.

Keeping up with the basics.

When you own a car, there are obvious things you should always keep in check. When you’re cleaning your car on Sunday, be sure to check that water and oil are at the correct level, but also that your tyre pressure is maintained at the recommended PSI.

Start your engine right.

Don’t just turn on your engine and go. Wait a moment. If you’ve not driven your car for more than 5 hours, allow your engine 30 seconds to get warm. This gives your oil pump the chance to lubricate your car’s engine.

Listen out for bad noises.

If you hear something strange, don’t ignore it. Unnerving sounds should unnerve you. As they say listen to your body and its needs – but also listen to your engine and its scream. Loud clunks, whirring noises and ever increasing hums should not be ignored.

Detect and diagnose with the help of apps.

Make use of the latest diagnostics tools. There are an increasing number of apps out there that monitor your car’s vital signs. If there’s something strange afoot, they’ll warn you. There’s nothing worse for your engine than continuing to drive with a fault, so this is a potential cash saver.

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