Tips for Driving Abroad

When driving abroad the most important thing to do is to stay legal. Being prepared and taking care when on the roads in Europe can ensure you don’t get hit with a big fine or possibly even worse. There are plenty of motoring regulations and rules in the UK but in Europe they step it up a level.

The info-graphic below shows some of the wide-spread and unusual legal requirements you’ll need to be aware of. You’ll need your own breathalyser in France, two pairs of glasses in Spain if you wear them and even replacement light bulbs in Italy. The bizarre rules can massively vary by country but some don’t get any less strange to your average UK driver.

There’s also the typically lower drink/drive limits to consider in majority of European countries so if you’re driving then you probably shouldn’t be considering that small one. You might also want to consider going easy the night before if you’ve got an early start driving the following day.

That “expensive” taxi or bus ride isn’t looking so bad now is it?

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