Truck Driver Shortage

Right now, a lot of trucking companies are facing a problem with driver shortages, according to the president of RightWay Trucking Nigel Oliver

Currently there are thousands of trucks and companies all over the country looking to fill positions.

UK shortage of truck drivers

Companies all across the board have goals and a quota or workers to fill. The problem right now is, it’s hard finding trainers to train new truck drivers. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the quickest growing industries according to the Department of Employment and Learning. The economy continues to grow, so obviously the need for more truckers to drive goods and supplies across the country grows as well.

One of the main problems that Oliver is facing with his company is that frequent orders are coming in for drivers to supply truckloads of goods across the nation but there are no drivers to do it. “If something isn’t done soon, we’re not going to be hauling any goods and not only our company, but others could be in jeopardy as well,” said Oliver.

So where are the truckers going and why aren’t people signing up? One theory is that baby boomers who were born into trucking are starting to retire and new safety regulations implemented in as late as 2010 are scaring new truckers off. A staggering 64% of drivers in Britain’s roads will not have completed the required 35 hours of training by 2014.

To a young person, you have to understand where they’re coming from, because trucking on the road doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Some of the older generation truckers took those jobs because they had to, the younger generation tend to have more options available to them these days.

One of the things that might scare new or potential drivers off is how long they’ll spend inside of their trucks. Also, a lot of horror stories are told about a truck driver’s state of health, which might play a role as well.

One trucking student had to this to say about the subject matter: “I was honestly scared off a little bit when I heard about how long they spend on the road.”

However for many people, they tend to change their views when they meet other drivers and find out, they’re just like them. A lot of people’s fears of being a trucker tend to go away the second you meet people you’ll be sharing the road with.

One student named Smith says, “The common misconception about truckers is, they’re all rednecks, overweight and rude. They weren’t like that at all and as a matter of fact, they were some of the nicest people I’d ever met, and really honest too.”

Nigel Oliver plans on aggressively marketing the benefits of trucking with higher and increased pay for new truckers and veterans alike. Also, companies  like are helping to fight low truck driver numbers by offering high tech training.

“The rates have to increase” said Rogers, who was speaking about new regulations that are going to limit how many hours of driving time a driver can log.

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