Going Green with Your Car: Tips and Advice

We now live in an age where climate change and global warming is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. It is a global problem that needs to be tackled and there is plenty you can do to help. One of the main ways that you can help is through how you use your car – and not just through the exact vehicle you own but also through how you drive it.

Hybrid Transit Vans


One of the main ways to go green is with an eco-friendly car. Hybrids are very green and come in a range of styles and models. There are even hybrid transit van models available, which can have lower than average insurance premiums. Hybrid cars have much better mileage, than most conventional cars and cleaner emissions as well. This means that you will be saving money on petrol, whilst being a lot greener and more environmentally friendly.

Constant speeds

Another good way to become greener whilst driving is to change your driving style. Stopping and starting suddenly wastes a lot of fuel, so always adhere to the speed limit, but try and maintain a constant speed rather than stopping and starting. Think before you make journeys too; try combining tasks, making one trip rather than lots of smaller excursions. Making lots of small journeys is only going to waste more fuel and increase your environmental footprint.


Maintenance is also an important factor in being green. It is always a good idea to keep your car well maintained and in a good condition. Get your car checked over by a mechanic on a regular basis and have your air filter changed, as these things can help you become that little bit greener.

Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated too; tyres that are not at the correct pressure can mean that you end up wasting a lot of fuel. Having correctly pumped up tyres can save you a lot of money and it isn’t a difficult task.

Limit use

An alternative option that you may or may not have thought about is carpooling or lift-sharing. If you share lifts with a colleague to and from work for example, you will lower the price of your monthly fuel bill and do your bit to protect the environment.

You could also replace short car journeys with a brisk walk or hop on your bicycle for a more eco-friendly form of travel.

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