Cop Cars of the World

Dubai Lamborghinis and Vatican Golf Buggies: Cop Cars of the World

In an innovative and ever-so-slightly bizarre move, the Dubai police force have taken extreme steps to dissuade boy racers from thinking that speeding through the streets of the emirate would be a good idea. While sports cars can outrun most police cars, the latest addition to the Dubai police force can more than hold its own.

Ferrari FF Police Car in Dubai

The Ferrari FF, branded with the force’s trademark white and green colour scheme was unveiled by Dubai Police Leutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim outside the Burj al-Khalifa. The introduction ceremony took place in the shadow of the tallest building on the planet, and the scope and audacity of bringing a $300,000 sports vehicle into the police force felt suitably outlandish. The Ferrari is not the first unusual addition to the Dubai police force, with the $360,000 Lamborghini Aventador unveiled earlier in April 2013. Although the authorities claim that it is a necessary measure, it is easy to see why utilising such expensive and flash cars as a means of crime prevention can be seen merely as a means of demonstrating the massive wealth the emirate possesses.

Texan Subtly

It is not, however, the first extreme and unusual police car to grab the headlines. A Texas-based Sherriff requested GeigerCars build a custom Hummer for his daily activities. The controversial gas-guzzler was decked out in the iconic American black and white paint job, complete with the Texas county crest on the front doors.

Lamborghini gallardo Polizia Car!

Italian Flair

You can always turn to the Italians for the original touch of flair and fashion, with two Lamborghini Gallardos being donated to the force. The Lamborghinis came decked out in the Italian blue with a flash of white stripes down the side and the famous ‘POLIZIA’ branding. Sorry Dubai, but the Italians got there first.

Vatican Minimalism

Staying close by, in Vatican City, a very different type of police vehicle has often made its presence known. While typical police cars would obviously be out of place in between the nuns, priests and religious tourists, the Polizia instead use a vehicle much smaller and less intrusive to make their way through the sacred grounds. The Vatican Polizia vehicle looks to have more in common with a golf buggy than the flash Lamorghini Gallardos – suitably minimalistic for quickly covering ground in The Vatican.

Smart Czechs

The Czech Republic decided to meet the Italians somewhere in the middle, between Lamborghinis and golf buggies, choosing to use Smart Cars to patrol Prague. The Mestska Policie Smart Fortwo provided nifty travel through the winding Prague streets, although maybe the Emiratis have a point about not being able to catch speedsters. Maybe Ferraris are the way forward after all….

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