Benefits of Owning a Dashboard Camera

Dashboard Cameras or Dash Cameras for cars, have become increasingly popular over the years. They mount onto your cars dashboard and record everything it captures.

Dash cams come in a variety of sizes, styles, and capacities. Some are basic devices, while others are state-of-the-art technology.

People spend hours each week in their cars, and many people end up in situations where they could have benefited from video footage of an event. A dashboard camera is a wise investment for anyone who drives a car.

Here are six of the biggest benefits of owning a dash cam.

Accident Documentation

Documenting evidence is the most common reason people purchase dash cams. With many accidents, a video is the only way to indisputably prove that you aren’t at fault. Videos will help your insurance company see exactly what happened so you can receive enough money for car repairs.

Catching Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, some scammers try to get money out of drivers by running in front of their cars in traffic. Multiple viral videos shot by dashboard cameras have shown pedestrians running in front of cars and leaping onto the hoods, pretending to be hit by the car. A dash cam can prevent this from happening to you.

Preventing Parking Accidents and Vandalism

Many dash cams can keep recording even after you turn your car off. If you park your car in a lot, in a garage, or on the street, your dash cam can give you more information if someone hits your car while it’s parked.

If someone who wants to vandalize or break into your car sees a dash cam mounted on the dashboard, they’re much less likely to go through with the crime.

Road Trip Footage

Dashboard cameras aren’t only good just for accidents. During a road trip, your dash cam can capture amazing scenic views that you may not be able to document otherwise. Many people have created beautiful time lapse videos of their road trips by using their dash cam footage.

Cheaper Insurance

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you use a dash cam. Because any dangerous driving mistakes you make will be recorded, insurance companies believe that people with dash cams drive more safely than people without.

You can buy a basic dash cam for relatively cheap and it could save you hundreds, or even thousands in insurance savings. A dashboard camera can save you from being found at fault for something you weren’t responsible for, and it will allow you to have proof of every event you see on the road. Plus, you may be able to record interesting sights or events with the camera.

For what it costs, a dash cam is a valuable addition to your car.

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