How to scrap your car and what to do next

If you decide to scrap your car, it can become confusing as to where to take your vehicle, what you can and cannot accept cash for, and who you need to send relevant documentation to so you do not end up with any fines.

The first thing to know is that when you have decided your vehicle has reached the end of his life and it is unsaleable then, if you want to scrap it, this has to be carried out by an Authorised Treatment Facility – also known as a ATF.

If you have a personalised number plate on the car you wish to scrap you can apply to the Driver Licence and Vehicle Agency – which can be done online – to either transfer it to another vehicle or hold on to it until you want to use it again in the future. The number plate will be retained in the name of the registered keeper. It costs £80 to do this.

Then once you have taken your car to an ATF you will need to give them the V5C registration certificate – also known as a log book – but remember to keep the yellow slip, called the V5C/4, from the documentation.

The ATF will pay you the scrap value of your vehicle but it is illegal to be paid in cash by them and this should be refused if offered to you. They will also need to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction within seven days. This is proof that you have given the ATF your car to scrap. You could, otherwise, be liable for traffic offence penalties and vehicle tax.

If the ATF decide to keep the car, repair it and resell it, you will not receive a Certificate of Destruction and can be paid in cash.

If you have sold your car to a motor trader you will need your V5C/3, which will have your 11 digit reference number on it, to tell the DVLA who will then send you a confirmation email or letter, and refund any full months of tax that is owed to you.

There are other ways to notify the DVLA. If you have a V5C you must get the trader to complete their details on the V5C/3, sign the V5C (along with the trader) before sending the V5C/3 to the DVLA.

If you do not have a V5C you must write to the DVLA with the vehicle registration number, make and model, exact date of sale, name and address of the new keeper and signatures of the buyer and seller.

Please note this guide is based on car owners who want to scrap their cars without keeping any of the parts. There are different rules in place if you wish to scrap your car and keep the parts.

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