Dashboard Cameras for fraud protection

Dash Cam To Act As An Authentic Reporting Tool Against Mischievous Cyclist

Dash cams have had a remarkable history since their inception and evolution in different parts of the world. One of the interesting facts about their beginning is that they got installed for the very first time by British cyclists in order to capture on-road bicycle acrobatics. Although the gizmo initiated as a fun and recreational tool today it has become a must have gadget which ought to be installed in all vehicles as an evidence provider against any misuse or accidents. Let’s have a look at the crucial aspects which make dash cams really popular among drivers especially for having a close eye over the naughty cyclists who hardly follow any traffic rules and try to act smart for claiming quick money by a staged accident.

Dash Cams can protect against fraudulent insurance claims

Use by  professional drivers

Dash cams are valuable for professional drivers who remain on the road up to or more than 12 hours in a day. They are required to obey each and every traffic regulation and to report against the cyclists who fiddle with their bikes without even having any fear of getting hit. Recent studies suggest that there has been a boom in the sale of dash cams due to their exemplary worldwide acceptance.

Despite the benefits of a dash cam, the product is still found in less than 3 percent of drivers globally. Experts believe that dash cams are yet to be adopted enthusiastically in many progressing nations, where people hardly know about their presence.

Insurance claims and crash for cash

A dash cam can be a savior in the event of any collision or cash for crash incident. You can’t deny the fact that even a moderately riding cyclist can cause a serious damage to your vehicle if he is not running in his specific lane or trying to act smart to leave other vehicles behind. On having a smart dash cam installed you can look into the cause of any on road hassle. Insurance companies also get benefitted in their proceedings to understand and verify the real cause of any damage.

It has been found that people, who are actually responsible for an accident, find it really hard to admit their mistake publically. They have an immense fear of losing their insurance claim and they know that their acceptance might result in a big penalty. On top of it, you witness crash for cash incidents which require a concrete support to persuade the cops and insurance inspectors that you were totally staged in an accident. You dash cam come out as an exuberant evidence and crystal clear all the different versions from the swindlers.

 Exceptional cases

Dash cams have been beneficial for regional cops to have a strong surveillance over different drivers, cyclists and bikers. There have been some special incidents in different parts of the world where car drivers were involved in hitting bikers and cyclists with a criminal intention. The smart gadgets are cardinal in projecting the recordings to showcase abusive nature of cyclists, drivers and even high speed drunk bikers.   

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