Used Car prices around the UK

When buying a used vehicle there are many things to consider before making a decision. The brand and age of the car, its accident history and price are just a few points that potential buyers will evaluate. But according to a new analysis, the place of purchase should also play a role in the decision making with prices of used cars varying dramatically across the UK.

Lower used prices in Bristol, higher prices in Cambridge

Bristol was named the best city in Britain to buy second-hand cars. Analysis of the search site found that popular used vehicles are on average £350 cheaper in Bristol than in other cities. In contrast to the south-west England city, Cambridge is the most expensive place to buy used cars with the average price as high as £15,000.

In general, motorists in England are paying 5% more than for the same model in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Therefore, it is well worthwhile to travel a bit when purchasing a used car in order to save some money.

The study also revealed the fastest depreciating cars on the market. According to, Renault Meganes and Peugeot 206s lose their value fastest. Both of the models were worth much less than half of their new purchase price after three years. Volkswagen Polo and Ford Ka were among the mainstream models that retained their value longer with a depreciation of 30 percent after three years.

The Italian supercars Ferrari California and Lamborghini Gallardo are the best investment among all used cars. Both models lost less than 25 percent of their value over three years.

The second-hand Mercedes-Benz SL-Class was named as one of the most reliable and loyal luxury models on the market. The used Mercedes cars have low breakdown statistics and make little trouble for their new owners.

The Kia Cee’d was ranked as the best medium-sized car and Honda Jazz as the best small vehicle on the second-hand market. Both models had great results in road and crash tests plus positive feedback from owners on reliability, faults and price.

The Mazda 6 made it to the top of best used large cars. Its safety features, large boot and sporty handling were especially praised. The Toyota Verso was named the best MPV convincing its new owners in all rating categories.

Used cars to avoid are the Alfa Romeo Guilietta, the Opel Insignia, the Nissan Pixo and Suzuki Alto. The vehicles had poor reliability ratings and were not recommended by their owners.

When deciding on which second-hand car to buy, always make sure to shop around as prices vary across regions. Also inspect the bodywork in good light, check for corrosion or rust. Take the car for a test drive and if possible have a mechanic look at it for total peace of mind.

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