Tips for Buying a Used Car

Top Tips For Purchasing A Second Hand Car As with everything in life, buying a second hand car can be a difficult experience and is full of potential risks for the buyer. Some people find problems with their purchases just weeks or months after buying them, and it is always advised to keep your eyes peeled for issues and problems that could occur.

Used car buying tips

To help people purchase a second hand car smoothly we have come up with some top tips to research and look out for when entering the market for used cars:

• Check the seller – The first thing to do before even contemplating signing on the dotted line is to ensure that the seller is legitimate. Remember that using dealers can be slightly more expensive, but at least then your risks are minimised. Similarly, make sure that you are able to visit the car at either the business premises or the seller’s home before parting with your well-earned cash.

• Test drive the car – Probably the number one thing to remember – and don’t do it half-heartedly. If you’re going to take it for a spin – which you should – test it out, work it on a mixture of slow and fast roads and keep your ears open for any vibrations and noises along the way.

• Check vehicle clocking – Any tampering of the mileage is of course illegal, and by removing 10,000 miles a seller could be increasing the value of his or her vehicle considerably. Try to be vigilant against this and have a look at the dashboard to see if the screws are worn or how old it looks. The best way to check that there hasn’t been any tampering is to get a copy of all the documents.

• Examine the paper work – While this will show the mileage over the years, it’s also imperative to check any paper work so that it hasn’t been tampered with. Every car should have a full history and you will be able to see that the MOT, tax and V5 are all in order. Similarly, check that the chassis and registration numbers match those stated alongside that there is a match for both the address and name of the seller.

• Be a good buyer – As much as you need to know that the seller is legitimate, they need to know that you are the right person to sell to. Be on time for viewings, make sure that you make a decision in a timely fashion and be prompt in taking the car away if you do decide that you want to purchase the second hand car. During this current global economic crisis, it can make prudent financial sense to look towards second hand motors when looking to solve your driving issues. Many people have only good things to say about this market, but some people have been stung by it before. Always use a recommended dealer to make sure that everything is done above board.

Finally, if the Car has a private registration plate the owner may not realise it has value which should be considered in the car sales price.  It might be worth getting a valuation as after you buy the car you could sell it through a private number plates company like Carreg, the DVLA do not buy plates back.

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