Car Insurance and Additional drivers

Car insurance providers allow you to add drivers to your car insurance policy as and when you need to. This can affect the price of your car insurance so it is worth finding out about the cost before going ahead with changes.

Additional drivers and Insurance premiums

If you add an additional driver to your car insurance you’ll be asked to provide information about that person such as their date of birth and information on any car insurance claims they may have made in the last five years. You’ll also have to declare if they have any convictions that are unspent or pending.

The cost of adding an additional driver to your car insurance will depend on this information. Though it is rare, premiums can occasionally go down after additional drivers are added!

However if your son or daughter is learning to drive and you decide to include them on your vehicle’s car insurance, you should expect a significant increase in the cost of your car insurance. Most car insurance providers will allow you to insure someone who only has a provisional licence but the change in price can be dramatic. In fact, according to The Independent newspaper, adding your son or daughter to your car insurance policy can raise premiums by nearly 300 per cent.1

It’s not just the price of your car insurance premium that you need to consider. Car insurance providers often issue a charge for making alterations to your car insurance midway through your policy. Most UK car insurance providers allow you to view their car insurance policy documents online so you can look into their extra charges before selecting a car insurance policy.

Most car insurance companies issue a reasonable charge of about twenty pounds. This isn’t designed to act as a deterrent but is intended to cover the administrative costs involved in making changes and sending your amended car insurance documents. Cheap car insurance providers may levy a more significant charge so it is worth checking with your car insurance provider before making a change.

Having weighed up the costs you may decide to insure your son or daughter on a different vehicle. Many car insurance providers accept drivers as young as seventeen and as old as ninety-nine however special conditions may apply depending on the age of the additional driver. For instance, some car insurance policies don’t allow anyone under eighteen to pay their car insurance by instalments or younger drivers may have to pay a higher excess.

Car insurance can be costly, especially when you need to insure young inexperienced drivers, but a reliable car insurance policy that offers extensive cover is well worth investing in.

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