Are hybrid cars cheaper to insure?

With many of us trying to do our own little bit for the environment, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. A hybrid car is one that uses a combination of electricity and fuel and is therefore thought to be more environmentally friendly. As an investment hybrid cars are likely to be more expensive, due to the fact they are the height of modern car technology. They do tend to come with a higher price tag than similar cars that run on petrol, and as they are specialist vehicle, their maintenance can be more costly.

Hybrid drivers are “low risk”

Hybrid cars – are they cheaper to insure?

However, a lot of insurers are offering lower insurance costs for hybrids. Research has shown that hybrid car owners typically fall into the lower-risk category. The logic is that hybrid cars are unable to operate on an extended mileage because they run on electric batteries, which need to be charged frequently. By this logic, hybrid car drivers are thought to be less likely to use their cars for non-essential purposes, or reckless activities. For this reason, hybrid drivers fall in to the preferred drivers category of insurers, which include drivers who are considered to be responsible and mature.

According to other research, most hybrid car drivers are in their 40s, meaning they are likely to have built up a good no claims bonus, and are in the age group of customers generally receiving the lowest premiums from insurers. For this reason, hybrid cars may well be cheaper to insure.

Discounts for hybrids

Some insurance companies actually offer discounts for hybrid car drivers, meaning they can offer some of the cheapest car insurance on the market for a car of that calibre.  So, it is always worth asking individual insurance companies if they offer such discounts even if they have not highlighted so on their website or whilst on the phone to you.  Like shopping for any insurance, it is important to shop around when it comes to finding the beast deal on your insurance for a hybrid.

If you are thinking of buying a hybrid car but you haven’t quite made up your mind, you could consider getting some short term car insurance on a friend’s car to try it out. Short term insurance can be very reasonable for a hybrid if you take advantage of any discounts available. It can be difficult to get a feel for a car by just taking it out on one or two test-drives. Before you commit to buying a hybrid and paying to insure it for a year, why no take one away for a long weekend and really get a feel for it? If you have a friend who has a hybrid, then this is a great way of deciding if a hybrid is for you.

Like with any car insurance policy, there are things you can do to help keep the cost of your insurance down. If you are the typical hybrid driver and are a mature driver with a low mileage and you have other cars you already insure with an insurance company, then you could find that insuring a hybrid car is cheaper than insuring a petrol equivalent.

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