Mobile Phones and Driving

You should not use your mobile phone whilst driving your car, as this reduces your concentration levels and can increase the likelihood of an accident. Car insurance may protect you financially against an accident, but if the accident is your fault because you were using your phone – then your claim may not be valid.

Using a Mobile Phone whilst Driving

Injury, damage to your car or accidental third party liability are usually covered by your car insurance policy, however if the accident occurs whilst you are talking on the phone, you may find that your car insurance claim is not valid.

If you are caught talking on your phone, you will be issued with a fixed penalty fine, and this fine can rise to up to £1,000 if the driver contests it. You will also get three penalty points on your license. Points on your license mean that your car insurance provider may increase your car insurance premium, as you are viewed as a potential risk on the road. For your own safety, and for cheaper car insurance, you should therefore avoid using or talking on your mobile phone whilst driving.

The British Medical Journal found that car drivers are four times more likely to have an accident if they are using their mobile phones whilst driving.1 Hands-free equipment does not make driving more safe either, as drivers can still be distracted and at risk of an accident. The Government Department for Transport reports that driver’s reaction times are 50% slower if they are using a phone whilst driving.2

Talking on the phone whilst driving is dangerous, but texting or reading messages on your phone is also very dangerous. As you write a message, you will take your eyes away from the road for several seconds – this is more than enough time for another vehicle to change position unexpectedly or for an obstacle to appear and create a collision.

You should be aware that it is also illegal to use your mobile even if you’ve stopped at traffic lights, if you are stuck in a traffic jam or you are in a car park. According to the law these events still constitute the legal definition of ‘driving on the road’, and you are therefore not allowed to use or talk on your phone.

You should never talk on your mobile whilst driving, and if you know someone is driving you should not call or contact them. Car insurance is designed to protect you financially in case of an accident, but it’s best to do everything you can to avoid an accident in the first place.

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