Track days

There are many drivers out there who are unaware that they need not be held back by the ever-growing number of driving rules and regulations that we all begrudgingly abide by on a daily basis (well, perhaps not all of us). It’s seems madness that people are spending thousands on performance vehicles that they never really get to use to their full potential. Well there is an answer, and you need look no further than a Track Day.

Track Days Track Days A Track Day is an event that allows you take your pride and joy for a day of track driving at one of many Racing Circuits and driving venues available in the UK. Although the events are marshalled, there are no limits on speed as long as you are handling your Car within your own driving capability. For as little as £99 you can get a full day on track and there will not be a speed camera or Sunday driver in sight!

The day begins with a registration ceremony where each driver will be checked for a valid full UK driving licence and that their vehicle is in safe working order. A noise test is also performed on the vehicle to ensure the exhaust does not produce a noise output above that of the set restriction (usually from 98 and 105 decibels). The vehicle does not need to have an MOT certificate but the marshals will insist the main safety features of the vehicle are in good working order and the car is structurally and mechanically sound before they allow you on track. After the registration all drivers must attend the marshals briefing during which the circuit rules, circuit etiquette and flagging system will be explained. Once all drivers have been registered and briefed they are issued with an armband which will allow them onto the circuit. The first session out on track is 10 minutes or so of ‘sighting laps’ where all drivers will follow a pace car to get a feel for the circuit layout and warm their engines and tyres. Once the pace car is in all drivers are free to drive the circuit at will, and driving will only be halted if there is an incident no the track in which the marshals require to slow everyone down or bring everyone in.

Anyone with a full UK driving licence can take part in a track day and they take part regularly all Race Circuits in the Country including Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Donington Park. have a comprehensive list of the track day events happening around the country and offer an online booking system so you can secure your place without having to pick up the phone. The site also provides circuit information and guides to a typical track day event so you can plan everything you need for your first track day. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then log on to follow the link below to the website for more information. If you would prefer to have a drive of a track before taking your own Car on there then also offer Driving Experiences at all the major Circuits.

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