Most Popular Types of Car For 2013

The motor vehicle market is one industry that is firmly at the forefront in the attempt to kick-start the UK economy. With this in mind, we have looked at the kind of vehicles which may be set to continue this revival in 2013:

SUV’s are increasingly popular in the UK


‘People carriers’ are now firmly established as a popular choice for families, due to their versatility and the strong emphasis placed on safety within their design. Perfect for all domestic needs, from shopping trips to doing the school run, SUVs come in many different price point models, each offering a range of extra features. But at the very heart of their appeal, is the basic size difference to an estate or large saloon.

Performance cars

High-performance cars are often aimed at people who are able to spend the kind of sums that others might use to pay off their mortgages. The most expensive and desirable brands are often featured in Hollywood blockbusters as a form of advertising. This platform has become even more favourable than conventional advertising methods such as television and radio in recent times.

Strangely, this type of vehicle now accounts for a large proportion of cars produced in the UK. This is a huge contrast from the days of mass production of mass appeal models.


As SUVs have made larger vehicles a more common sight in urban environments, 4×4 vehicles have made the move from the countryside into a more urban setting. The unique vehicle can now be seen in towns and cities everywhere, something which may have seemed unlikely just a few decades ago.

Many find that the higher positioning of the driver’s seat offers a feeling of safety in 4x4s, whilst others make a simple lifestyle decision regarding the vehicle.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial trucks such as vans and pick-ups have been increasing in popularity across the UK and beyond for the past couple of years. Demand for pick-ups from relatively new manufacturers to the UK, such as Great Wall, has increased in leaps and bounds and now these vehicles are becoming a common sight on British roads.

The joint appeal of reliable, advanced construction, alongside safety features and cabin comforts more usually found in high-end vehicles, have led to a change in the whole industry.
Companies such as Great Wall have become a driving force in the UK automobile market, and this is something that looks set to continue throughout 2013.

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