Choosing accident claims solicitors

Choosing the Right Solicitor to help with your car crash claim

A car accident is a traumatic enough experience without having to fight your own corner when it comes to a compensation claim.

Choosing the right accident claim solicitors

Once you have notified your insurance company that you have been involved in a crash, you will need to appoint a car accident claims solicitor. You are under no obligation to use the firm of lawyers your insurance company suggest. Whoever you appoint will deal directly with your insurance firm and contact other parties’ insurance companies to start your compensation claim.

In addition, they will also deal with police and any witnesses to the crash, as well as starting to assess what medical assistance you may require if you have been injured. A good lawyer will also advice you on all the losses you can claim for, for example loss of earnings, or loss of assistance in the home.

Having a good lawyer by your side is important. Although compensation claims vary in length, depending on the level of injuries and liability, a good guide is that claims are likely to be settled within 6-8 months, so it’s vital to find a lawyer that you trust and who is reliable. But which firm should you choose? How do you find the right solicitor?

Primarily, testimonials form a great indication. If friends, family or acquaintances have used, or have knowledge of a successful car accident solicitor, then that’s a great start.

Also, try to research whether the legal company has a good track record in dealing successfully with car accident claims such as yours. If it has, then chances are they will be likely to give you the services of a car accident lawyer with the expertise to deal with your claim successfully, too.

In addition, it’s also best to look at how much experience the car accident lawyer has in representing cases in court, should that be required. Remember, your case might not simply be settled out of court (although around 95% of cases are), so a lawyer with integrity and a good standing and reputation in court is much more likely to be able to settle your claim in your favour. Reputation is key.

But whichever firm you settle on, it’s important that you feel comfortable using their services and comfortable in the regular conversations you will be having with them.

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