Peugeot 508RXH Hybrid Review

Peugeot Strengthens Hybrid Car Choice with new 508RXH

First it was the Prius that really started the hybrid trend in the UK. Then along came the Honda Insight, the Lexus GS450h and other hybrid saloons. Hybrid SUVs also started trickling in, in the form of the Lexus RX450h and even a Porsche Cayenne hybrid, which certainly raised some eyebrows!

Peugeot 508RXh Review – Diesel / Electric Hybrid

BMW have also now got a hybrid 5-Series on offer and a myriad other manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. One of them is French car maker Peugeot, with their new 4×4 508RXH which is now available to order, for delivery in May.

The 508RXH diesel-electric hybrid crossover estate car is Peugeot’s answer to the Audi A6 and A4 Allroad models and the Skoda Octavia Scout, aiming to be a luxury, high-up, robust, go-anywhere kind of car. Complete with plastic bumpers and other 4×4 hints, the 508RXH will be able to confidently tackle various hilly or generally adventurous terrains – not that we suspect a great many of its future owners will take theirs of the beaten track.

Its primary market will be business people, so equipment and specifications need to be abundant. The 508RXH will therefore come kitted out with front and rear parking sensors, a parallel park system like that in the Ford Focus, sat nav, a panoramic glass roof, heavily sound-proofed side windows to keep the noise down, a USB socket and a HUD – leaving its owners wanting for nothing.

The 508RHX will also be supremely green, boasting very low emissions of just 107g/km. How does its ‘Hybrid4’ diesel-electric system work? The front wheels will be powered by Peugeot’s 163bhp 2-litre HDi engine and the back wheels will be powered by a 37bhp electric motor. Impressively (although we’re not sure how this will impact on pedestrians!) the Peugeot 508RXH will be capable of running in fully silent and electric ‘ZEV’ mode.

It won’t be a slow-coach either, producing 200bhp. For all you corporate customers, Business In Kind for the 508RXH will be low too at just 12%, with combined economy expected at 68.9mpg.

So will the influx of hybrid cars in all shapes and sized from various car manufacturers, affect the extended car warranty market of tomorrow? It’s hard to say for certain, and many extended second hand car warranty firms don’t currently provide warranty cover for hybrid vehicles due to their expensive, complex and still relatively unchartered battery systems. But it’s fair to assume that hybrid and also fully electric cars will start shaping used car warranty packages at some point soon, as this is certainly where the future of the automotive industry is headed.

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