JML Parking Sensor Review

I’m notoriously bad at reversing, which the myriad of small bumps and scratches on my old car unfortunately demonstrated all to well, however, I’ve just acquired a new car (not I hasten to add through any fault of my driving!) so the opportunity to test out the JML Parking Sensor really couldn’t have come at a better time! It would be fair to say I was nothing short of eager to give it a try.

jml-parking-sensorWhat you get in the box is 2 wires with sensor pads on the end, another with a cigarette lighter attachment to plug in for power, a console box, and what looks like an very thin manual. I don’t know about others, but a thin manual often worries me as much as an overly thick one. I have to wonder if it will contain everything I need to know. In this case my fears were completely unfounded; the instructions were clear, concise and extremely easy to follow. Fitting it proved no problem at all, simply attach the one sensor to the back of your car, in the positions described. (Word of warning though, they attach with sticky pads, so make sure you’ve got them in the right place before sticking down, to avoid damage to your paintwork!) Next run the cables through the boot forward to wherever you’re locating the console box. Then simply plug the power into the outlet (it will also run on 3AA batteries if you prefer, although I didn’t test for battery life), attach all 3 cables to the console box, and turn on. It beeps, then (providing you’re backed up against anything) it goes quiet. The whole process took me less than 5 minutes, and most of that was spent positioning the sensors. The console box is a little bulky, but once I got it positioned in reach but out of the way, it wasn’t a worry.

So, does it stop me bumping into things? Yep, I reversed in and out by a wall, by some bushes and around other cars – it’s really effective, loud enough that you can’t ignore it, and sensitive enough to allow you to do quite close quarter manoeuvres and still feel safe, with the beeps changing in frequency as you get closer to objects.

As it’s just a plug-in device, of course, it doesn’t know when you’re in forward or reverse, so don’t do what I did and leave it on while your driving, because it’s disconcerting to have it start beeping as cars stop behind you at traffic lights!

Would I buy it? Too right I would! I love it! Available from or the usual JML stockists for £29.99, it’s a bargain.

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  1. modified car club says:

    I had a play with one of these JML parking sensor units in homebase there cool and better than most rubbish from JML