The Cost Of Number Plates

If you buy a personalised registration direct from the DVLA’s website then the price will start from £250. This cost includes VAT and the mandatory £80 assignment fee. You can buy the same registration from any of the official DVLA resellers for about £280 which also includes the assignment fee and VAT. With these suppliers you can choose to pay for them to do all the paperwork for you (about £20) extra so if you are busy it can be worth a bit extra to avoid the hassle of dealing with the DVLA and all their paperwork. You can usually also order your new physical number plates at the same time. A similar price pattern can be found for a range of the cheapest plates with private companies being a little more expensive but providing a better service level.

Budget Registrations

So if you are in the market for a budget plate then you can go on any number of car registrations websites like this one ‘Number Plates‘, and then use the search facilities to see what is available. For cheap plates, they all have access to the same DVLA stock and use the same database of registrations. Have a play with your initials, birth dates or other letter and number combinations and find the best fit for the best price.

Premium Registrations

Prices get more complicated when you want a shorter more prestigious registration. Premium registrations are bought from the DVLA quickly by private buyers and investors. They find their way back onto the market through specialist suppliers who invest in their own stock for resale or sell them on a commission basis for a private individual. For this reason prices can vary considerably so it’s a good idea to shop around. For example search for JD 9 on the DVLA and they do not sell it. Plates4less are selling it for £41,400 and Carreg for £40,000 with the option to contact them to negotiate.

Prices vary massively depending on the exact placement of characters and the total number of characters. For example registrations that include ‘ACE’; T33 ACE is £2,600, ACE IS is £6,500 and G2 ACE is £62,000! The markets determine these prices at auctions and with millionaires driving up prices some of these registrations can be eye wateringly expensive and unlikely to decrease in value. To get an idea of the prices some of these number plates can fetch have at the CarReg DVLA number plates Website.

Of course this is great news for the canny people who invested in premium registration when they were still relatively cheap but it means most of us will never be able to afford a premium registration unless we win the lottery.

Check You Can Use It!

Just make sure the registration that you want to buy can legally be registered to your car. Not every registration can be put on any car. When you click a buy now button read the following page carefully. Each seller states any restrictions that apply to the registration being placed on different vehicles. For example you might see something like this;

Your vehicle must be an E plate or newer, which was registered as new on or after 1 August 1987 to display this registration. If you are unsure, check your V5C Registration Certificate.

To find out more refer to the DVLAs rules.

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